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What is Adjective with examples?

The adjective is a type of word which describes or modifies the noun. It is also defined as, the word which describes the qualities and states of beings of nouns.

It measures the qualities like size, shape, colour, duration, behaviour, quantity, and a lot more.

It usually provides additional information on nouns with the below-mentioned qualities like,

  • How much?
  • How long?
  • How big?
  • How small?
  • How is it?
  • How often? etc

For example,

  • You have a big house. (Noun – house, Adjective – big)
  • I made a good design. (Noun – design, Adjective – good)
  • I have a red balloon. (Noun – balloon, Adjective – red)
  • I have three chocolates. (Noun – chocolates, Adjective – three)

Now let us understand the different types of Adjectives.

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What are the different types of Adjectives?

There are usually 9 types of Adjectives. Those are,

Forms of Adjectives

Some of the words (Adjectives) have different endings like,

  • -able/-ible: comfortable, unavailable, eligible, incredible, etc.
  • -ish/-like: selfish, accomplish, dislike, unlike, etc.
  • -ful/-less: beautiful, peaceful, colourful, noiseless, etc.
  • -ous: simultaneous, famous, dangerous, etc.
  • -y: rainy, sunny, pretty, funny, etc.

Example Sentences:

  • Are you having a comfortable seat?
  • This story is incredible!
  • You are not a Selfish person.
  • Holi is a colourful festival.
  • What a beautiful painting!

And there are also other forms of Adjectives, like Comparative and Superlative.

Degrees of Comparision of Adjectives

Adjectives have three types of forms. Those are,

  1. Positive
  2. Comparative
  3. Superlative

Positive words are the basic form of adjective words that are used in sentences.

Example Statements:

  • Sneha scored good marks.
  • John is a calm person.
  • This is a big mansion.

Comparative words are used to compare other people, things, qualities, etc.

Example Statements:

  • Sneha scored better marks than Raju.
  • John is a calmer person than Micheal.
  • This mansion is bigger than John’s mansion.

Superlative is the highest degree. It is used to compare more than two-person, things, qualities, etc.

Example Statements:

  • Sneha scored the best marks among the whole class.
  • John is the calmest person.
  • This is the biggest mansion in the world.

Positive, Comparative and Superlative Forms Examples

  • good, better, best.
  • bad, worse, worst.
  • happy, happier, happiest.
  • strong, stronger, strongest.
  • big, bigger, biggest.
  • small, smaller, smallest.
  • calm, calmer, calmest.

Where to use Adjectives in the sentences?

Here are some of the places where we can use Adjectives depending on the condition (usage) of the sentence.

1) Sometimes the Adjective comes before the Noun.

  • Oh, what a nice car!
  • You are a kind person.
  • We have a sports car.

In the first example, we can observe that the adjective “nice” comes before the noun “car”.

In the second example, “kind” (adj) comes before “person” (noun).

In the third example, “sports” (adj) comes before “car” (noun).

2) Sometimes the Adjective comes after the Noun.

  • Is your teacher American?.
  • Are these students talented?
  • This party is going to be grand.

In the first example, the adjective “American” comes after the noun “teacher”.

In the second example, “talented” (adj) comes after “students” (noun).

In the third example, “grand” (adj) comes after “party” (noun).

3) The Adjectives also come after the verb. Below, a few examples are mentioned.

  • My favourite colour is red.
  • Micheal’s toys are amazing.
  • Our school ground is near.

Adjective modifying Pronoun

Yes, some Adjectives describe/modifies the Pronoun. Below are some examples that you can refer to.

  • You are a clever person.

Here, the Pronoun (You), Adjective (clever) and Noun (person) are used.

  • He did a great job.

Here, the Pronoun (He), Adjective (great) and Noun (job) are used.

Today, we had a great meeting.

Here, the Pronoun (we), Adjective (great) and Noun (meeting)

More examples of Adjectives

Here are other examples of Adjectives that you can refer to.

  • They have a big family.
  • He is a good writer.
  • She works in a big company.
  • I am having two icecreams.
  • They have a pet dog.
  • Raju has a good sense of humour.
  • He had a bad dream.
  • They have started a small company.
  • They had massive success in their business.
  • I own two restaurants in my village.

Quiz Time! (Test your knowledge here)

#1. The River Nile is the _______ river in the world. Choose an appropriate adjective from the below options.

Answer: The River Nile is the largest river in the world.

#2. The Adjectives are used to modify the _________.

Answer: The Adjectives are used to modify the noun.

#3. The Sun is _______ at noon than in the morning. Choose the right degree.

Answer: The Sun is brighter at noon than in the morning.

#4. Rahul is _____ than Raju. Fill in the blank with an appropriate degree.

Answer: Rahul is smarter than Raju.

#5. You have a good friend. Identify the adjective.

Answer: Here, “good” is the adjective.

#6. Which type of degree of comparision is used in the sentence. "This is a great idea".

Answer: Here, “great” is the positive word.

#7. Fill in the blank with the appropriate degree. fast, faster, ______.

Answer: fastest.

#8. "The Pink dress is more attractive than the blue dress". Identify the degree form of Adjective.

Answer: Comparative degree.

#9. Positive Degree is the highest degree of Adjective. Is it true or false?

Answer: It is false.

#10. The adjectives usually measures ___________ of the noun.

Answer: The adjectives usually measure all sizes, shapes and qualities of the noun.



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Summary: (What is Adjective with examples?)

What is Adjective with examples? - English Topper
(Caption: What is Adjective with examples?)

So, here is an overview of what we have read till now.

  • Adjectives are used to modify the Noun in the sentences.
  • Adjectives are used in many forms and types based on usage.
  • It has three forms, i.e, Positive, Comparative and Superlative.
  • Base adjectives are Positive and for comparing two “Comparative” is used.
  • A superlative degree is the highest one which compares to more than one.
  • The adjectives can be used for nouns and pronouns.
  • It can be used before or after the noun in the sentences.
  • It functions with pronouns (same as nouns).

If you are interested to learn more, then you can refer to Wikipedia here.

I hope that you understood the topic “What is Adjective with examples?”. If you have any doubts regarding this topic, comment down below and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank You.

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