About English Topper

About English Topper

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Hello and welcome to English Topper! We are glad that you are a part of our community 🙂

Before we share our journey, we would like to introduce ourselves first.

English Topper is a free English learning blog that helps you to become fluent in English. You will be able to learn all the English Skills like,

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

If you have any doubts in your mind like,

  • How to learn English?
  • Where I can learn English?
  • How to start from scratch? and so on…

Then you are in the right place because, in this blog, we are going to explain every topic as simple as possible. We will assume that you are new to English learning.

You don’t need to carry any dictionary while reading our blog because we will not include any tough words in it 🙂

Our blog is special because it is going to be interactive (person to person) and at the end of the blog, you will also have a quiz to test your knowledge.

So, I am going to discuss about the benefits that we are going to provide to you.

  • Crystal clear concepts and examples to understand the topic well.
  • A quiz will be provided at the end of the topic to practise.
  • Regular updates of new blog posts.
  • All the skills will be available to learn like listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Now we would like to share our story. Continue reading 🙂

A Short Story Behind English Topper

Hi, I am Chakradhar. I am the founder of English Topper.

My hobbies are reading books and playing games 🙂

So, the main story begins when I was studying B.Tech (i.e II year – 2nd Semester).

I couldn’t communicate well with others because I never used to speak in English. Most of the time I use my mother tongue (telugu).

So, I had decided to learn and improve English Speaking skills.

I am currently learning and in the meanwhile, I also got the idea of teaching others through the blog so that others can also learn.

In this way, English Topper was created on 21st November 2020.

I have another blog which is about Internet Marketing and its name is Know Internet Marketing.

So, till now many of them got benefit from this blog. They gave many positive feedbacks which motivated me to teach more.

So, I will share more achievements

If you have any suggestions, doubts or queries, you can just email me through our contact from.

You can follow English Topper on:

Thank you for reading about English Topper.


Ragula Chakradhar.

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