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What is an Abstract Noun?

What is an Abstract Noun: Abstract Noun is a noun which refers to the non-physical (untouchable) things names. In other words, the things these cannot be detected by our sense organs (ie, we cannot touch, smell, see, hear and taste).

So, always remember that you can only feel about it (cannot see it but it is present).

For example, consider “air” – in which we can only feel it. You cannot touch, taste, smell or see the air.

Abstract Noun is usually quite opposite to the concept of “Concrete Noun”.

More examples of Abstract Noun

To understand this concept well, let us consider some more examples of Abstract Noun (based on the categories).

Emotionshappy, sad, depressed, joy
Feelingsfear, jealousy, stress, anxiety
Eventsbirthday, marriage, birth, death
Othersair, luck, goal, growth, life

What is an Abstract Noun? (Conclusion)

What is an Abstract Noun? - English Topper
What is an Abstract Noun?
  • In simple terms, Abstract Noun is the name of the things that cannot be touched, not visible to our eyes, cannot hear and also can’t taste it. Thus, we can only feel about it.
  • Best examples of Abstract Noun is emotions, events, qualities, talents, etc.

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If you are interested to learn more, then you can refer wikipedia from here.

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