/əˈbɪlɪti/ (Noun)

Ability Meaning

Ability Meaning

Meaning: Having the potential to do something. In other words, the capability of performing/achieving some action or an event.

  • Singular: ability
  • Plural: abilities

Ability Examples

Here are some of the example sentences of the word “ability”.

  • She has the ability to speak and understand 5 different languages.
  • Team A has the ability to win this match.
  • John has the ability to produce good kinds of music.
  • You have the ability to crack the exam.
  • He has the ability to discover new things.

Ability Synonyms (Similar Words)

  • capacity
  • capability
  • potential
  • potentiality
  • talent
  • skilful
  • expertise
  • aptitude
  • competence
  • competency
  • mastery
  • expertness
  • brilliance
  • genius
  • smartness

Ability Antonyms (Opposite Words)

  • Inability
  • incapacity
  • incompetence
  • untalented
  • unskilful
  • clumsiness
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