/ə’bændən/ (Verb)

Abandon Pronunciation

Abandon Meaning and Examples

Abandon (Meaning and Examples) | English Topper

1) Meaning: to leave a place, person or a thing forever.


  • People used to abandoned their homes when there was drought in that place.
  • He abandoned playing sports due to his health issues.
  • The people abandoned the sinking ship.
  • We had to abandon the old car due to its improper condition and spare parts that are difficult to get.
  • She abandons to play with her toys when she turned into a teen.

2) Meaning: to leave something in the middle. In other words, stopping an activity before completing it because it may seem difficult to do.

  • The cricket match was abandoned in the middle due to heavy rains.
  • John abandoned playing chess because he was about to lose.
  • The mountain climbers abandoned climbing the mountain due to bad weather conditions.
  • He abandons the works that he doesn’t like.
  • The company got abandoned due to huge losses.


  • desert
  • leave
  • leave high and dry
  • turn one’s back on
  • cast aside
  • dump
  • throw over
  • evacuate
  • leave
  • quit
  • vacate
  • strand


  • Stick by
  • support
  • stand by
  • defend

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